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> 5 Accounts targeted $99.00 / 30 days to complete

Includes targeting 500 followers & likes per account.

Total 2,500 comments & 2,500 likes

> 10 Accounts targeted $150.00 / 60 days to complete

Includes targeting 1,000 followers & likes per account.

Total 10,000 comments & 10,000 likes

> You will see daily increases

> No lock-in contracts

> Password is Required with this service

> 100% Safe

> 100% REAL Followers / NO FAKES



Get the Australian Followers You Want!

Q. So how does this work?
A. You tell us the Instagram Accounts you wish to target , and we'll engage with them (like and comment on their posts), and in return they will engage back & follow your account.
This way your attracting the customer and followers that are interested in similar products and services you have!
Why waste your time and effort trying to connect with the wrong people. You know they are interested in a similar service or product, it just simply makes sense to attract them to your Instagram Account.
Q. How Many Followers Will I Get? & how long will it take?
A. Results can vary, as we are targeting a niche audience and . Remember it's about  quality of followers not quantity. You can expect to get anywhere between 100 - 1,000 followers (depending on your service and order option you select). You will start to see results within 24 hours after placing your order.
Q. Do You need my password?
A. YES we need your password, We will NOT post or make any changes to your account. We need to programme or software to like and follow on your behalf.
You can change your password, anytime you want, which will block our access. We recommend you do after we complete our service.
Q. Is this Safe?
A. Yes the process is 100% safe. There is no lock in contracts, and you pay as you go.
Plus we will give you your direct Social Media managers mobile number, so you can keep in contact throughout  the process

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Step 1: Select Your Package

Step 2: Tell us which Instagram accounts you want to target

Step 3: Place your order

Once we receive your order, we will be in contact to discuss the process!

Remember we are in Australia.

Your 100% Safe & Secure

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