Here are 4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Fake Followers!



You want instant popularity and genuine followers and likes? Well you need to look somewhat popular!


Yes you can painfully try and naturally grow your followers but this will take months if not years to achieve. You can not afford to wait forever, especially if you're a business or want to be an Instagram Influencer. I can almost guarantee you that, your competitors are buying followers as you read this blog.


How do i know this?  1. I have seen and sold fake/real looking and genuine followers to thousands of business and Influencers around the world. 2. I have tested this on my own page which i'll show you later on.


1. Popularity

No one wants to follow someone who has 500, 1000 or even 2000 followers, as the perception is that, you come across as a new business/influencer. As they say 'Perception is reality'


2. Be Seen #lookatme

If you don't have enough followers + you wont get enough likes = lost in selected #hashtag 

Have you noticed how many posts there are in popular #hashtags.

For Example: #fashion 2,730,630 posts   #influencer 1,688,947 posts. I say good luck with getting noticed with 500 or even 1000 followers. *test your own #hashtag


3. No One Looks

Let's just say you purchased 5,000 followers, and then started naturally adding your own followers. Your new followers simply add to the top of your old followers. 

Who is going to sit there and go through 5,000 of your followers to see if they are real or not, before following you or liking you pictures? Maybe 1%, and it's probably your competitor, so what!


4. Time

You want to start pulling in orders, selling products, promoting brands. Start making money and get on with your business. Who has time to follow/unfollow accounts just to try and get a few followers that follow you in return. This is very time consuming and almost a permanent job for someone, and that's usually you!


My Tip for You is This!


1. Check out your competition and see how many followers they have


2. Buy followers to match their followers (if they have 25,000 followers, you need to get 25,000 followers straight away)


3. Add around 50 - 100 photo's to your account straight away, with no #hashtags at this stage


4. Buy picture likes on each photo. For example you have 25,000 followers, you will need to get approx 2,000 likes on each picture (general rule of thumb is 5-7% ratio to followers). You need to do this, because if you only have 25 likes on each picture and have 25,000 followers, that SCREAMS FAKE FOLLOWERS


5. Last step you need to do is, buy COMMENTS (at least 5 on each image).

Comments like;

     1. Love the pic!

     2. Awesome (emoji) 

     3. love emoji, smiley emoji

     4. cool page

You get the point!


6. Once you've add your likes now go back to each picture and add your #hashtags. Try to mix it up as you don't want all of them appearing in the same #hashtag field. Here's a trick:- click on comment button on your own picture and place your #hashtags in there. This will avoid heaps of #hashtags appearing under you heading


7. From this point onwards you can now start competing in the major league #hashtag fields, and have a good chance in being in the 'TOP POST" section, and gaining REAL FOLLOWERS, REAL LIKES AND REAL COMMENTS


8. Every now and then BUY Followers to top up your account, as you may start loosing followers. You want to look like your page is increasing in Audience


Look, i'm writing this from experience as i have tried and tested this method on my own site, and it works. My site has made 'TOP POST' in almost every #hashtag i have entered. 


Check it out (don't tell anyone)


If you need any help, simply email me form our contact form, on the Home page.


Here's the Proof Below











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