How to Get More Followers?

April 29, 2019




Instagram followers around the world want to know the answer to the most important question? HOW TO GET MORE INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS


There is several ways you can achieve depending on the final outcome your after?


Let's look at the two different Case Studies.


Case Study 1. 10,000 Followers - Business / Influencers

Goal here is: 10,000 followers - to Gain Quick Followers

Now  for most of these accounts want their follower count more than 10,000 plus.


This is what we suggest you do;


1.      First you load up to 20 photos


2.      You buy Instagram followers Australia based business like ours 5,000 Standard followers


3.      You then buy Instagram likes from We then add likes that shows a steady growth from photo 1 to 20. Example Photo 1: would have 50 likes, photo 2: 80 likes, then photo 20: 250 likes. This shows consistent growth of likes overtime. The biggest giveaway of fake accounts is their like count.


4.      Load your next 20 photo’s


5.      The next step is to buy Instagram followers Australia from : another 5, 000 High Quality followers. This will bring your account to 10,000 followers.


6.      You then need to buy Instagram likes from We then adjust your likes to look natural on the last 20 posts. This way it looks genuine.


7.      Final step, is to buy Instagram automatic likes from, which will help add likes every time you post.


So from here onwards you can build your own organic Instagram followers.


**This process can be repeated until your happy with your Instagram follower goal.

Remember no one is going to scroll through 10,000 followers to see if all your followers are fake! Everyone does even Big brands and Celebrities.



Case Study 2: Personal Accounts

Goal here is: 5,000 followers - Is to Mix it up


1.      Depending how many followers you already have, you may need to buy Instagram followers approx. 1,000. We suggest you buy High Quality Instagram followers from This way doesn’t look fake


2.      Next step would be to buy Instagram likes from You can either purchase them individually  as you post. We recommend to buy Instagram auto likes, this way you don’t have to worry about purchasing them every time you post, also works out cheaper.


3.      From here onwards you can buy Instagram followers as you require. But we highly recommend you buy Instagram followers Australia based business like This way your information is 100% safe, confidential and private.






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How to Get More Followers?

April 29, 2019

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