What are the best hashtag hacks?

Once you have created the engaging content for your Instagram accounts, the next thing you need to think about is what hashtags you are going to use in your posts. The way in which hashtags work is that they give another element of search and find to your post. People are able to search different hashtags and all the posts that include these hashtags will show up.

The aim is to use hashtags that are common, relevant and interesting to your post in order to help it be seen. Instagram has had many different algorithms over the years and changes the way posts are seen, use your hashtags correctly and you can increase your views and followers significantly.

Want to know our best Instagram hashtag hacks? Read below to find out more.


Research your hashtags

Before you go just throwing any old hashtags into your posts, make sure you do your research on them and decide whether they are a good fit for your post or not. There are a number of hashtags that have been ‘shadow banned’ from Instagram. Which means you can still use these hashtags however Instagram will hide your post from being seen by too many people.

When choosing the hashtags to use, find ones that are trending well and are popular with those in your target market – however make sure you still keep them relevant to your post as well. Hashtagging #puppies is going to get you good views however if it has nothing to do with your post than its not the best hashtag for you.


Use the maximum

You are given a maximum of thirty hashtags that can be used in each post. Make the most of this and use them all. Using all thirty of your hashtags means that you have thirty more chances of your post being seen by people on Instagram. If you are unable to find thirty hashtags that are relatable to your post than obviously stop once you max out the ones you can think of, however if you have plenty to choose from then keep going.


Layer your hashtags

This is a somewhat new concept that people are starting to adapt when they do the hashtags on their posts. The idea is to layer your hashtags from the least popular through to the most popular.

The goal with using hashtags is to get your post in the top 9 images that are being shown for any one hashtag. If you start with the ones that are least popular it means you have a higher chance of getting to the top nine images for that tag. Work your way down your list through to the most popular. Having this one at the end means that you are still being seen by lots of people however it is not the main hashtag you are pushing.



Hide your hashtags

There is nothing messier looking than seeing the text for an image and then straight underneath an array of hashtags. It is best to hide your hashtags down the post to make it look neater and more professional.

You can not simply leave lines when creating  an Instagram post – it will all get pushed back up the top, so an exercise most people will do is leave a full stop on each line as a break. Using gaps between each full stop line means that you are able to push the hashtags further down. People can then click on the ‘read more’ to expand and see the hashtags you have used.

Alternatively you can also upload your post without hashtags and then add them in as the first comment on your post. You are still getting the search function of the hashtags without having a messy text for the post.


Instagram is a great way to market your business for a fraction of the price of standard marketing. If using Instagram correctly you can significantly increase the exposure your business is receiving.

Take the time to research your hashtags and create content that is interesting and will bring people back to your page time and time again.

And remember, it is not meant to be stressful or confusing. Have fun with your Instagram account.

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